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Better Sleep Everyday Find out More
Better Sleep Everyday Find out More
Better Sleep Everyday Find out More

You Snooze, You Win

Easy Breathable

Soft, durable, breathable, versatile and easy to care for.


Firm in Summer (Cool) and Cuddly in winter (Warm)

Made in USA

All products are designed & made in the USA.

Start Your New Tomorrow, Today!

Life's complicated, choosing the right product for you shouldn't be. That's why we offer 3 core products that conform to your exact body shape. Easy!

Need Body Support

Body Support Mattress Made in the US

Unlike non-ergonomic mattresses sold by Casper, Sealy and Tempur, Bodyfit’s Mattress is the first and only ergonomic bed-in-a- box to provide zero stress at specific areas especially your shoulders, hips and lumbar providing extra support and maximum rest.

The mattress is ergonomic and includes soft foam in the shoulder zone, firm foam at the lumbar area to offer your body much improved rest.

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Real Lumbar SupportComfort Cannot
Exist Without Support

When we are not supported correctly, our lumbar curve is flat and our waist/pelvis is twisted, restricting blood circulation to our shoulders and neck. Only when our body is supported in its natural alignment, the stresses are decreased, blood flow is increased and our body receives maximum rest a bed can give.

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Why Choose Bodyfit?

The Bodyfit team are a group of likeminded people who are committed to spinal health and better body wellness through ergonomics. The facts are spinal health is only achievable by utilizing true sleep ergonomics. Till date genuine ergonomic sleep products have been virtually non existent. Bodyfit was created using ‘Smart Technology’ to offer a true ergonomic sleep experience to everyone no matter their budget.

Free Delivery

We're totally confident you will love our Bodyfit products. We not only offer the best bed for your money, but we also offer free delivery at your doorstep.


Easy to Order

We keep the process simple by offering a small yet extraordinary range of products that support your body correctly giving you superior rest.



We guarantee you the best bed your body needs with the promise of a good night's sleep that supports your body like no other bed.

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