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3D Adjustable Pro Base

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The Bodyfit Difference? Sleep Ergonomics

Health professionals are unanimous in the recommendation that your bed should support your body in its natural alignment. Our 3D Adjustable Pro Base offers ‘in base’ ultimate lumbar support and pressure relief at the shoulders and hips via a series of cross-posture slats that can be adjusted vertically.


As Easy to Assembled

Our 3D Pro adjustable slat base has been cleverly designed to come in 3 separate pre assembled lightweight pieces. It’s so clever that you will be reaping the benefits of tailored sleep ergonomics within minutes.


Just the Way You Like It

Our 3D Pro Adjustable Base system is the ultimate sleeping system offering the ability to support the body by adjusting the springiness and the firmness of the slat for soft, medium or firm feel improving spinal health and providing superior comfort with adequate airflow keeping Linda cool in summers.

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