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Bodyfit Mattress

King Size Bodyfit Mattress

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Queen Size Bodyfit Mattress

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Twin XL Bodyfit Mattress

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BodyFit Mattress

Genuine 5 star ergonomic designed to optimize your post workout recovery so you can perform at your best

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The BodyFit difference? Sleep ergonomics.

A true ergonomic mattress should do two things well.

Our BodyFit mattress offer ‘in mattress lumbar support and pressure relief’ at the shoulders and hips.

How? By ergonomically positioning multi density foams we utilize ‘multi body zone technology’ this gives you superior support where you need it most creating a ‘weightless’ sensation that is gentle on your body to promote quality rest, helping you to recover faster and to perform at your best

Flip it... flip it good.

Like it firm but feel like you want a softer sleep or vice versa? We've got you covered, Our mattresses are double sided with 2 feels, yes that's right. Soft medium on top, medium to firm on the bottom. Who said you can't have everything?

Specialized Layering

Nothing breathes like cotton. Stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Our specially designed thermo cooling layer creates micro air pockets to help circulate air and naturally climatize your body to it's environment so you sleep at the perfect temperature every night.

Home grownMade in the USA

We believe that if you want something done right you need to do it yourself. That's why all our products are manufactured and distributed right here in the USA. When you sleep on a BodyFit product you can rest assured that your products have been made with pride and integrity right here at home.

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